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Welcome to Mr. Natural Lawn Care

Learn about how we got our start and why we continue to love what we do.

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About Us

At Mr. Natural Lawn Care, we are proud to be locally owned and operated by Joe Civetti, a Certified Arborist with a degree in Arboriculture from the UMASS Stockbridge School of Agriculture. Joe, the leader of our family business, has 30 years of experience in the landscaping industry. We are fully licensed and insured. We currently serve over 800 homes in the Metrowest area.

Our Services

Mr. Natural Lawn Care provides a wide range of services to help keep your lawn healthy and beautiful.
Click on any of the services below for a more detailed description of the individual programs

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Standard Lawn

Maintain a lush, vibrant lawn with our Standard Lawn Program. It includes 5 visits and 7 services to give you the lawn you’ve always wanted without having to do all the work.

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Organic Bridge
Lawn Program

We reduce the amount of pesticide on your lawn while still getting the results you want by using organic-based fertilizer and insect control products in addition to the fertilizer from our Standard Lawn Program.

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Flea & Tick

Don’t let the fear of Lyme disease keep your family indoors. Our Flea + Tick Program protects your loved ones with long-lasting, effective treatments that are safe for humans and animals.

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Fall Aeration &

A dense, beautiful lawn begins with proper fall aeration and overseeding. We provide both services at the same visit, aerating your lawn and applying new seeds over the top.

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Tree & Ornamental
Shrub Program

You invested a lot in your trees and shrubs. Keep them healthy with our Tree and Ornamental Shrub Program. We’ll rid them of gypsy moths, caterpillars, and other insects while ensuring they stay disease-free at the same time.

Personalized Service is Our Pleasure

We believe in personalized treatment. So, don’t be surprised to see Joe in your yard, working alongside the technicians. You will even have his personal cell phone number. Mr. Natural Lawn Care is an honest, professional business and we have the great recommendations to back it up!


Our programs focus on reducing pesticide use while providing the healthiest lawn possible. We also use the least amount of pesticide to provide the safest environment for you and your pets.


Our goal is to be an affordable alternative to the massive franchise chains that offer minimal customer service, high prices, and questionable results.

Our Guarantee:

We ask that you give us one year to prove we provide superior service at an affordable price. We’re sure you will never go back to the overpriced and underperforming companies ever again.